About Us

Archetype Consultants was incorporated in 2003 and rapidly established itself as one of the leading and well respected code consulting firms in the industry. Its partners have more than 65 years of combined experience to rely upon. The firm operates on the simple premise of providing the fastest and most cost-effective solutions to every task, while ensuring compliance with the NYC Building Code and the Zoning Resolution for your construction project.

With a knowledgeable staff of Registered Architects and construction professionals, Archetype Consultants not only understands the issues inherent to the construction industry, but also has a wealth of experience in coordinating municipal plan reviews and associated approvals with responsible city agencies.


Jerome Scanlon, R.A.


Has been involved in the field of code consulting since 1981. Mr. Scanlon is a graduate of New York Institute of Technology, and has been a Registered Architect in New York State since 1989. He is a member of the Real Estate Board New York (REBNY). He has performed ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) surveys in nine states, and has provided seminars and lectures on various code matters to building managers and architectural firms.

Martin F. Butler, R.A.


Has over 30 years of experience as a Code Consultant. He received a Bachelor of Architecture degree from New York Institute of Technology in 1987, and has been a Registered Architect since 1995. Mr. Butler is a member of Building Owners and Managers Association since 2003.

Anderson Persad


Is Archetype's senior project manager for New Building applications and Certificates of Occupancy. He is an expert in the Department of Buildings procedures, plan examinations, DOB inspections and New York City building codes. With over 25 years experience in obtaining City approvals, Mr. Persad handles complicated construction approvals, New Building approvals, and Change of Use applications.

Meet Our Team

Rita Novack

Is a key member of the firm responsible for overseeing and coordinating all aspects of the Department of Buildings filing processes, from the preparation of DOB application forms, to the securing of all documentation needed to file, to monitoring the status of approvals, permits, and sign-offs. Ms. Novack has worked in the field of Code Consulting for over 30 years.

Natasha Acosta

Has over 20 years of experience in the Code Consulting field, and previously worked at Archisegno & Associates before joining Archetype in 2008. Her experience working with plan examiners, inspectors and administrative personnel at various Borough offices makes her a valued member of our team.

Christopher Telford

Manages and consults on a variety of the firm's projects based on his knowledge and understanding of NYC Building Code and Zoning Laws. He graduated from New York Institute of Technology in 2011 with a Bachelor of Architecture degree. Mr. Telford is proficient in the areas of drafting and graphic design, and is also the in-house draftsman at Archetype.

Daniel Scanlon

Graduated from Haverford College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in The Growth and Structure of Cities program. His previous work experience includes construction management for Habitat for Humanity in China, as well as Land Use policy at the NYC Office of the Public Advocate (under former Advocate Bill DeBlasio). In 2013 Mr. Scanlon joined Archetype, where he oversees various aspects of the Department of Buildings application processes including filings, approvals, permits, and signoffs.

Indra Lutchman

Previously worked for Vincent Stramandinoli, P.E. preparing inspection reports and related Department of Buildings sign off documentation for over 15 years. Since joining Archetype in 2008 Ms. Lutchman has overseen and coordinated the DOB sign offs of thousands of construction applications to their conclusion.